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Thanks Letter

Dear TOM Jiang,

Let me first express my sincere thanks to you!

I emigrated from China to Melbourne, Australia in early 2018. In this foreign country, I could not speak the language and encountered many difficulties and difficulties in the process of buying a business. You gave me a warm welcome. You not only did your own job, introduced me to business, guided me how to operate during the business purchase process, gave me a lot of help beyond your scope of work, helped me to contact a lawyer, helped me communicate with lawyers, and even You even helped me with such things as forwarding mail. In the whole process of buying a business, you always help me with enthusiasm and sincerely, whenever and wherever I have difficulties, I can contact you and you can give me timely help. In this exotic country, you made me feel the warmth of my family and friends.

Now, the business I have purchased has been successfully transferred. Here, I express my sincere and sincere thanks to you! Thank you for your companionship and help. Thank you!

If you never give up, you will be my friend forever! Thank you!

Yiying Zhao

April 1, 2018

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