Grandpa Joe

Marie Allawi

We had been looking for a business for over three years now and been up and down with many Business Brokers as you can imagine.

One day  we came across a lady named Marie Allawi from BPA Business Brokers. I can tell you that she has changed the way we search for a business. Other Business Brokers wanted the deposit on the spot and some of them would not even come with us, they would just do security checks and send us on our own to inspect the business.

Marie on the other hand was very profesional and kind guiding us through every step at the time. Marie has phoned us, talked to us and going to check the businesses with us. She was very helpfull, understanding and knowing what we were looking for and she delivered.

We have bought the coffee shop and we are very blessed and very happy.

I would recommend BPA Business Brokers to anyone who is buying a business and I would deal with Marie Allawi all over again. One day if we decide to sell our business, I would call Marie and do the whole process again with her.

Thank you Marie and BPA brokers.

Kind regards

Maria and Tony Presta

Grandpa Joe

Grandpa Joe