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Nick Dandusevski

To whom it may concern,

Nick Dandusevski recently acted as the broker in selling a business which was run by a tenant of mine. This person had many difficulties and it made the sale very challenging for the broker. Nevertheless, I was particularly impressed with Nick’s performance on so many levels.

He was highly organised and he was prepared to do things that were not part of his brief in order to get the sale over the line. He had, for example, to be in constant contact with me so that he could convey basic facts, like rates and insurance to prospective buyers. In doing this he was always courteous and pleasant. Nick exhibited excellent communication skills and he seemed also to have a good rapport with the new buyer.

Although the sale was an unusual situation which must have been frustrating for him, I always felt that to Nick, it was more than just business and he had sympathy for this woman’s plight. He was genuinely trying to help her.

I highly recommend Nick as a broker, and I wish him well in his future endeavours.

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Wyatt
B.A. Dip.Ed. (Melbourne University)

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