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Leo Fournaris

Hi Leo,

I would like to write some words to say thank you for help, advise, guiding us to transfer the biz of highett tatts shop.

I can not find exacts words and phrases to say thank you for you. But in my heart and my mind, you are a good trainer, advisor, even more to me.

As i made mistake, you are patient to explain and not get angry… with me. Without u, i am not dare to do thing and make things happen in australia.

Liang, vendor is a nice guy, he has opened mind and help us…

Life is not perfect.. so we can not expect him many things.

This is not big biz that i had ever run. But it is the first one that i run in Melbourne Australia.

It is not easy at all. But it is interesting to overcome chalenging as culture, competition..

Hope one day you will be proud of helping us at the first stage.

One word, u are very different!!


Tommy Thai Hoa

NewsXpress Highett