Wombat Gully Plant Farm, Hoppers Crossing

Simon Sakr

Simon Sakr contacted me after seeing my private advertisement in The Age for selling our nursery business Wombat Gully Plant Farm. His proactive approach and his claim to specialise in the western suburbs impressed me and my wife and we signed him up as our agent in April 2013. We all knew it was going to be a tough assignment. Nurseries are hard to sell and ours was clearly not going to be an exception. And that’s the way it turned out. We got close a couple of times but didn’t quite get over the line. Finally we sold off all stock and just this week closed the business, vacated the site and handed back the keys.

At all stages Simon was active and supportive. He kept us fully informed of all events and progress. He responded rapidly to all enquiries. He gave us good advice and negotiated well on our behalf. We had had prior dealings with another agency and I can say that it’s a shame that we had not dealt with Simon earlier, when the business might have been more saleable.

So, while ultimately there was no sale, I can say that we all gave it our best shot and I am satisfied that Simon did everything possible to bring about a sale. Please pass on our appreciation.


Tom Biegler


Wombat Gully Plant Farm, Hoppers Crossing (now closed)

Wombat Gully Plant Farm, Hoppers Crossing