I Love This Shop – Melton (Purchaser)

Mino Stronghilis

I first engaged with Mino Stronghilis on a business opportunity about 4 years ago, and for personal reasons, I decided not to follow through. Then over the course of the last 6-months, I re-engaged with Mino to explore business opportunities. After understanding my skill sets and what I bring to the table he introduced me to the I Love This Shop opportunity in Melton. Whilst Mino was principally engaged by the vendor, he was extremely gracious and kind with his time to educate me about the opportunity and the industry, and through this process became a trusted mentor to me. The manner in which Mino worked with me gave my wife and I confidence about this opportunity and in turn the career change I was about to embark (noting I am a first time business owner, having spent 25 years in the financial services industry).

I have now owned the shop for a month, and I am absolutely loving it. Having spent this time owning the shop, I can confidently say that the data presented to me 6-months ago as part of the sales process has been accurate. I look forward to my on-going relationship with Mino and God-willing hope to do more business with him. I have no hesitation in recommending Mino to other people and in fact I have already connected someone from my network to him.

All the best,


I Love This Shop – Melton (Purchaser)