De Clieu Fitzroy

Mino Stronghilis

Several months ago, I decided to put my cafe up for sale. I wanted the sale to be discrete and handled in a professional manner. As usual, I decided to contact Mino at BPA. From the time we made contact, the process for me as the Vendor was made very simple. Mino clearly discussed the current costs and structure in which BPA operates and there was no hidden tactics. There was never a time that Mino ignored or failed to act on. In fact, he went well beyond what I would expect as being reasonable to full fill both mine and the Purchasers requests.

The whole transaction only took several weeks to complete and the efforts at BPA were outstanding. I strongly encourage anyone buying or selling a business to make contact with Mino and make a decision from there.

Mino has sold businesses to me, and for me over the years. It was a no brainer that he would again sell my most recent business. While writing testimonials is not typically my thing, I felt compelled this time to provide my experience once again, as each an every time I have dealt with Mino has been the same – uncomplicated..

Thanks once again Mino.



De Clieu Fitzroy

De Clieu Fitzroy